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Our solutions

Your growth journey is unique and so are our solutions

CIBC Innovation Banking provides fast and flexible solutions designed to facilitate your growth so you can stay focused on achieving your milestones and scale with confidence.

Ib - Team - Our Solution - Financing Solutions

Our financing solutions:

Monthly recurring revenue lines

Client acquisition matters. A line of credit based on recurring revenue provides funds so you can focus on your growth.

Working capital lines

Liquidity is important. A facility designed to support your periodic working capital needs.

Senior and mezzanine term loans

Flexible loan structures for each stage of your growth cycle. Loans that are customized to your capital needs.

Venture debt

Unforeseen challenges are predictable. Venture debt leverages your equity to extend your runway as you grow.


Market opportunities come and go. Our flexible financing solutions allow you to prioritize your growth initiatives.

Buyout financing

Optimize your cost of capital with flexible solutions. We work alongside sponsors and management teams to meet your needs.

Syndicated financing

Collaborative partners and capital markets expertise when you need it. We are a strategic bank partner with a track record for leading and working with syndication partners.

Tax credit financing

Research and development is key to launching your business. Access your future tax credit in advance as a loan.

And more…

  • Day-to-day banking services
  • Employee banking
  • Treasury solutions
  • Cross border banking
  • Foreign exchange risk management
  • Capital markets
  • M&A advisory
  • Private banking & wealth management

IB - Team - Our Solution - Advantages Of Debt

The advantage of debt to fuel your growth

Preserves your equity

Provides growth capital while minimizing equity dilution for all shareholders

Extends your runway

Enhances liquidity to extend the cash runway to achieve the next milestone

Increases your valuation

Bridges your startup to the next round of financing at a higher valuation

Optimizes your capital structure

Achieves a balanced structure at a lower cost of capital