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CIBC Innovation Banking Podcast

On our #CIBCInnovationEconomy podcast series, hear from leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and venture capitalists about the changing dynamics of the North American innovation economy

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Bernadette Butler
Current episode: 

Tapping Into Authenticity to Gain Consumer Trust with Bernadette Butler, Co-Founder and CEO of StoryTap

In the business world, it’s never been more important for companies to build a brand that’s trustworthy, credible and authentic. Considering realness is the basis for her business model, StoryTap co-founder Bernadette Butler lives and breathes by this maxim. StoryTap turns consumers into evangelists—not by using fancy, high-quality video content, but through videos that consumers submit themselves. Offered now in nine countries, the patented video platform is revolutionizing the online customer journey, bridging the gap between the in-person experience and the online experience. In this episode, Bernadette explains why she believes the secret to StoryTap’s success is applying authenticity to the business model every step of the way.

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