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Tapping Into Authenticity to Gain Consumer Trust with Bernadette Butler, Co-Founder and CEO of StoryTap

Photo-Bernadette Butler
Bernadette Butler

Résumé de l'épisode

In the business world, it’s never been more important for companies to build a brand that’s trustworthy, credible and authentic. Considering realness is the basis for her business model, StoryTap co-founder Bernadette Butler lives and breathes by this maxim. StoryTap turns consumers into evangelists—not by using fancy, high-quality video content, but through videos that consumers submit themselves. Offered now in nine countries, the patented video platform is revolutionizing the online customer journey, bridging the gap between the in-person experience and the online experience. In this episode, Bernadette explains why she believes the secret to StoryTap’s success is applying authenticity to the business model every step of the way.

Notes de l’épisode

Harnessing authenticity
One of the major truisms that StoryTap is tapping into (no pun intended) is the fact that consumers today are craving authenticity above all else. Any company can manufacture a highly edited video that conveys a picture-perfect brand identity, but consumers want to truly understand how a product can add value to their life. As Bernadette noted, people want to see real people, telling real stories, and StoryTap’s success is living proof of this.

Learn to love failure
As someone who has been through the experience of launching her own startup, Bernadette is skeptical of any founder who says they found success right out of the gate. A true over-achiever, she initially railed against the notion of failure, but as she gained experience, it became clear that failure was simply an unavoidable part of the process. Now, Bernadette says she loves failing because it serves as the key to unlocking the next level of business growth.

Find the right co-pilot
Since failure is an inevitable aspect of almost any business venture, it’s important to have the right people in your corner. When it comes to weathering the storms of startup life, Bernadette is grateful to have her co-founder Sean Braacx by her side. With an entirely different skill set from Bernadette, Sean brings a new perspective to the table, which can accelerate the brainstorming process.

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