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How to handle your industry's “Big Opportunity” with ProctorU's Jarrod Morgan

Photo-Jarrod Morgan
Jarrod Morgan

Episode Summary

ProctorU's Jarrod Morgan saw almost a decade's worth of growth in a few months. Find out how his company scaled up rapidly and successfully.

Episode Notes

Before the global pandemic, online testing company ProctorU was already a success story. But once it became evident classrooms wouldn't be hosting student exams any time soon, founder and Chief Strategy Officer Jarrod Morgan saw almost a decade's worth of growth in a few months. That doesn't mean Morgan could afford to sit back and wait for the phone to ring. He tells the CIBC Innovation Banking Podcast that being pro-active was key to retaining existing clients while meeting new and growing demands. Is he worried the world will return to its pre-COVID ways? Not at all.

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Michael Hainsworth