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IB - Unicorn Fuel 3 Billion Fund

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We’ve dedicated $2.5 billion to Growth Capital

A unicorn fuel commitment to US-based companies seeking true growth capital. Whether your goal is to stay private or go public, we understand that you need a bank that can evolve with your growth.

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Helping companies across software, life sciences, and cleantech industries scale

Company Logos: Vapotherm, Terminus, PulmonX, Vena Solutions, Lightspeed, Lifespeak, Benevity, Expensify, Tigerconnect, Q4, E2Open, DEXT

IB - Unicorn Fuel - Fuel your growth

Fuel your growth with us

Backed by the strength of the entire bank, CIBC Innovation team is recognized as a bank of choice by hundreds of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. We understand the flexibility that companies require to accelerate their growth and how to design a financing solution that is optimal for companies to hit their growth milestones, without diluting their investors.

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Innovators of today, market leaders of tomorrow

We strive to make capital accessible so that leaders driving our innovation economy forward can thrive. Beyond CIBC’s growth capital, our team has a robust network of investors, extensive experience in tailoring financing solutions and providing advice throughout your lifecycle.

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Financing sustainable growth at a rapid pace