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Connecting the Data Dots with Tealbook CEO Stephany Lapierre 

Photo-Stephany Lapierre
Stephany Lapierre

Episode Summary

It’s been said that data is the new oil. Not only has it acted as a fuel for growth, but data has been the catalyst for a whole new way of doing business. In this episode, Michael sits down with Stephany Lapierre, the founder and CEO of Tealbook, a supplier data foundation that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable supply-side innovation. As a supply chain thought leader, Stephany has raised more than $73 million for the company, and much of it during the pandemic. While COVID-19 was breaking down supply chains, Tealbook was building up its ability to connect buyers with suppliers in a whole new way. During the episode, Stephany explains how Tealbook accelerated its fundraising while pivoting to tackle the greatest health crisis of our time.

Episode Notes

Connecting the dots
The idea behind Tealbook is to collect supplier information for global enterprises that need to access data quickly, easily, and efficiently. Recognizing the need for a faster way to access data, Stephany leveraged technologies like AI, machine learning and the cloud to create a system that could keep up with the rapid evolution of the supply chain. By connecting the dots in a way that no one else had yet, Stephany was able to create a service that’s completely unique and allows companies to make sense of an abundance of data—fast.

Never give up
After years of running her own successful consulting business, Stephany didn’t need to create Tealbook, but her vision was so clear and persistent that she couldn’t not bring it to life. This strong vision and her belief in the product helped to keep her driving forward, even when things got tough. Although there were plenty of opportunities to throw in the towel along the way, Stephany never gave up, keeping her vision alive in the face of obstacles and refusing to compromise.

Be a thought leader, not a follower 
For Stephany, an important step in bringing Tealbook to life was positioning herself and the company as an influential voice in the space. By focusing on building relationships, solid branding, and earning credibility, Stephany was able to establish a place for herself in the data and supply chain industry. Posting on LinkedIn and writing about the subject regularly helped her gain a following and become a trusted thought leader over time.

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