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Leadership and Corporate Spirituality with Lightspeed CEO Dax Dasilva

Photo-Dax Dasilva
Dax Dasilva

Episode Summary

Dax Dasilva is an innovation economy entrepreneur, gallery owner and author who credits his success to a diversity of voices and a spiritual connection to the planet. Lightspeed’s corporate culture has the company moving at the speed of light. We learn how focusing on more than just corporate profits pays dividends for start-ups and the community.

Episode Notes

The Four Pillars of Unseparation

Leadership, culture, spirituality, and nature. Dax Dasilva is a Philosopher CEO, and his latest book “Age of Union: Igniting the Changemaker” and sees these four qualities as essential for corporate growth. “The idea behind that is, how do you make change in the world? What are the things that you have to think about together holistically in order for us to make impact?” he says.

Leadership is more than a Type-A personality

Dasilva is a quiet force to be reckoned with, and admits he’s not a Type-A personality common in the corner office. Lightspeed is home to a variety of leadership types, offering a variety of voices and perspectives. He says, “We really believe that having many kinds of different kinds of people around the table and different kinds of leaders adds a richness and a wisdom and knowledge to the solutions that we come up with.”

Never Apart

As Lightspeed outgrew its offices, it didn’t abandon the venue that hosted its early success. Dasilva turned it into a venue for hosting LGBTQ artists and speakers. “It's not just an art gallery. There's sort of a spiritual calling and trying to bring people together. And for the LGBTQ community, who's often by many communities been told we're not a part of spirituality, it's a kind of a vow for us to never be apart from that mission that we, I think, have as well.”

Join Dax Dasliva as we explore Never Apart and Lightspeed’s corporate offices — and attitudes — with our #CIBCInnovationEconomy series, then listen to Dasilva discuss how diversity is the key to success on the CIBC Innovation Banking Podcast.

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