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Renegotiating the Definition of Success with Ganesh Padmanabhan

Ganesh Padmanabhan

Episode Summary

Entrepreneur Ganesh Padmanabhan says there’s no perfect time to start a start-up, but what if you're starting a company amid the “new normal” of COVID-19? Padmanabhan says there are three critical things to think about.

Episode Notes

Ganesh Padmanabhan attributes his laid-back attitude to his childhood growing up in southern India. But don’t confuse the contemplative serial entrepreneur's approach with complacency. He's advising start-ups renegotiate the definition of success. That conversation requires participants from all levels of the company: from its investors to its employees to the customers you're trying to reach. Reframe the problem the company is trying to solve, and recognize pre-pandemic goals may be unattainable, but with collaboration from all stakeholders, a global pandemic can be turned into an opportunity to succeed. And when asked if he'd launch a start-up in this environment? His answer might surprise you.

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