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null The Key to Scaleable Investments with Morad Elhafed of Battery Ventures and CIBC Innovation Banking’s Andrew Phillips

The Key to Scaleable Investments with Morad Elhafed of Battery Ventures and CIBC Innovation Banking’s Andrew Phillips

Photo-Morad Elhafed and Andrew Phillips discuss startup funding in Boston
Morad Elhafed and Andrew Phillips

Episode Summary

Morad Elhafed and the rest of the team at Battery Ventures in Boston believe that it's time to get back to fundamentals and build durable and scalable businesses. He is joined by Andrew Phillips, managing director in Boston of CIBC Innovation Banking. Morad and Andrew share their insights into the current investment landscape, how investors identify high-quality companies, and why Boston has become a hub of talent and investment.

Episode Notes

Every dollar needs justification 
In today’s investment landscape, investors and founders need to justify every dollar. Investors are looking for scalable and durable investments, and founders need to be able to prove that they are using funding wisely. 

Innovation comes from everywhere
Traditionally, most tech innovation was coming out of Silicon Valley, but today, it's coming from around the world. 

Looking for leaders in the market
Morad says he and his team search for leaders in their markets, whether they are small or niche. Leaders often have strong leadership and a clear path to profitability. 

CIBC Innovation Banking is a trusted financial partner to entrepreneurs and investors. Get in touch with our team at cibc.com/innovationbanking.

Show Contributors: 

Morad Elhafed

Andrew Phillips

Michael Hainsworth


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