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On our #CIBCInnovationEconomy podcast series, hear from leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and venture capitalists about the changing dynamics of the North American innovation economy

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null IB-Podcast ● Scaling Texas’ Startup Success with Krishna Srinivasan and Jonathan Schupack

Scaling Texas’ Startup Success with Krishna Srinivasan and Jonathan Schupack

Photo-Krishna Srinivasan and Jonathan Schupack
Krishna Srinivasan

Episode Summary

In this episode, Krishna Srinivasan, the founding partner at LiveOak Venture Partners, and Jonathan Schupack, executive director and market lead for CIBC Innovation Banking in Texas,  share their insights and experiences about the challenges and triumphs faced by startup entrepreneurs in the lone star state. Join us as we uncover the secrets of successful entrepreneurship. Drawing parallels between climbing mighty mountains and building ground breaking businesses, discover the resilience, innovation and collaborative spirit that define the Texan startup scene.

Episode Notes

The power of cross-pollination
Krishna sees parallels between mountain climbing and entrepreneurship. Taking that first step, whether on a mountain or in a business, is crucial. The challenges faced by startup entrepreneurs to climb a virtual mountain require us to break down the journey into smaller, manageable steps, celebrating every little victory and constantly striving to improve. Reflecting on what works and what doesn't is key to not giving up before the peak. That's reflected in the startup community in Texas. It's a diverse economy and there is a supportive ecosystem. There's a combination of deep industry knowledge and technology talent that makes Texas a thriving hub for startups and innovation.

Sustainability is key
Krishna stresses the importance of building sustainable businesses, pointing out how excessive capital can mask underlying issues. He advises entrepreneurs to focus on product market fit before expanding into sales and marketing efforts, advocating for a sequential approach, the need for flexibility in adapting to changing market conditions and being prepared for shifting goalposts and fundraising efforts is critical for success

There is a need for native later-stage capital
Jonathan says that while there is a bit of a slowdown in VC funding, the Texas innovation economy remains resilient, with a diverse ecosystem and opportunities for growth. However, he notes a gap in native later stage capital, suggesting that while the state attracts attention, there's room for increased investment from within Texas. 

CIBC Innovation Banking is a trusted financial partner to entrepreneurs and investors. Get in touch with our team at cibc.com/innovationbanking.

Show Contributors: 

Krishna Srinivasan

Jonathan Schupack

Michael Hainsworth


LiveOak Venture Partners

CIBC Innovation Banking

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