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CIBC Innovation Banking Team

CIBC Innovation Banking is a client-focused team that is dedicated to help entrepreneurs and their investors achieve their ambitions each and every day. Our specialized team has experience working with hundreds of venture backed technology and life science firms across North America, United Kingdom and select European countries throughout various stages of their growth. It’s their passion that inspires our team to help them realize their potential by providing timely growth capital and advice.

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Montreal, QC

Photo - Eric Laflamme
Eric Laflamme

Toronto, ON

Photo - Adam Weiers
Adam Weiers
Photo - Amy Olah
Amy Olah
Managing Director and Head of Canada Originations
Photo - Mark Usher
Mark Usher
President and Executive Managing Director
Photo - Paul McKinlay
Paul McKinlay
Vice-President and Head of US Originations
Photo - Robert Rosen
Robert Rosen

Vancouver, BC

Photo - Joe Timlin
Joe Timlin



Branch Office
Photo - Sean Duffy
Sean Duffy
Managing Director, UK & Europe


Durham, NC

Representative Office
Photo - Dara Keatts
Dara Keatts
Photo - Walt Sparks
Walt Sparks
Executive Director

Seattle, WA

Representative Office
Photo - John Flemming
John Flemming

Atlanta, GA

Representative Office
Photo - Andrew Kirk
Andrew Kirk
Managing Director, Southeast Region Lead

Austin, TX

Representative Office
Photo - Jonathan Schupack
Jonathan Schupack
Executive Director & Market Lead

Boston, MA

Representative Office
Photo - Andrew Phillips
Andrew Phillips
Photo - Joe Hammer
Joe Hammer
Co-Head North America Life Science and Healthcare

Denver, CO

Representative Office
Photo - Ron Singh
Ron Singh

Menlo Park, CA

Representative Office
Photo - Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson
Managing Director & Market Lead
Photo - Youssef Kabbani
Youssef Kabbani
Executive Director

New York, NY

Representative Office
Photo - Ben Shephard
Ben Shephard
Executive Director
Photo - Caroline Tkatschow
Caroline Tkatschow
Photo - Tej Sahi
Tej Sahi
Managing Director

Reston, VA

Representative Office
Photo - Paul Gibson
Paul Gibson
Managing Director and Region Head

Chicago, IL

Representative Office
Photo - Andrew Schwartz
Andrew Schwartz
Managing Director & Market Lead
Photo - Jeremy Epstein
Jeremy Epstein
Managing Director & Market Lead